Hi! I make stuff.

I compose Atmospheric, Ambient, and Cinematic music, produce webcomics, and multimedia art through my YouTube channel.
I have composed for Shoot 'em ups, Strategy Games, Walking Simulators, Role-Playing Games, and Interactive Experiences.

Lo-Fi Rooms

I regularly produce and release Lo-Fi Ambient albums on my main YouTube channel.

I also draw comics!


It's Dawnbot, darlings! He can move! He can talk! He's your hyper-competent variety presenter!

"Dawnbot" is a variety comic featuring my brain laid open in 4 panels. Anything at all. It's humorous, random, vaguely creepy, and occasionally real all the same. If that's your thing, then come on in!

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It's Just Pau.

I'm Pau and I exist somewhere in the universe, though mostly in my room.

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It's a mystery...

To be announced 2024.

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